Our Approach

Most event management companies focus simply on “putting on a great show”, but have little consideration of the bigger picture.

With a strong emphasis on attention to detail when it comes to execution but keeping an eye on the big picture, Keito Events delivers events that meet client’s objectives.

Keito Events will quickly understand the business and marketing outcomes that our clients wish to achieve. We combine our years of events experience with our knowledge and contacts in PR, traditional and online marketing, advertising and design to ensure that we produce the best events that deliver on those outcomes, every time.

In order to achieve this, we use the following process:

1. Brief 
Firstly, we obtain a brief from our client and confirm the business and marketing objectives for the event.

2. Concept
Next, we devise a concept and plan which meets those objectives. We can also prepare various alternative plans for clients to choose from.

3. Manage
We will then manage the various event elements in the lead up to the event day, involving the client to the extent that they require.

4. Execution
We manage execution of the event on the day, using our years of experience to quickly resolve any issues and deliver a successful outcome.

5. Evaluation
After the event we will debrief with our client and evaluate to confirm that we met their business and marketing objectives, taking note of changes for the event in future years.

“Keito Events has a thorough strategic approach that will ensure that your events are delivered successfully”