Ten things you should ALWAYS bring to an event

There are some things that an Event Manager just can’t work without. If you ever see the Keito Team at an event, know that somewhere nearby we have our huge black toolkit, ready for whatever challenge may be thrown our way.

Here’s a hard and fast list of things that you’ll never catch us out of the office without.

  1. The Clipboard– Well, two or three clipboards. This is where we stash all of our most important papers such as run sheets, contact lists, supplier contracts, guest names, maps, MC notes, seating plans and more. If you need it, it’ll be in The Clipboard.
  2. First Aid Kit– Duh, you can never be too careful at any event. A First Aid Kit helps us tackle any small bumps and bruises we may encounter, although we do always make sure to have a trained first aid medical officer at every event, should anything more serious happen.
  3. Tape– Our number one remedy for flyaway posters, billowing tent flaps or objects that just won’t stay put. Duct tape is our usual go-to, although we do also make sure to have double sided tape and blu tack in our toolkit.
  4. Extra phone and laptop chargers– Our phones have essentially become our portable   offices and not an event goes by where we don’t need them to contact suppliers, check emails, set alarms, take photos or even play music. Having a spare charger charged and ready to go means that the event won’t die when our phone do.
  5. Pens and markers– Got a note to scribble? A box to mark? A contract to sign? A layout to sketch? Fill your toolkit with pens, markers, pencils and more pens. Go nuts with your bright colours, or silver and gold markers, or black and blue ink. But at Keito, we find we use them every five minutes.
  6. Water and snacks– This is so important! Sometimes event organisers can get so caught up making sure things run smoothly that they completely forget to refuel. Having a bag of snacks and bottles of water on hand will mean that we can bring our best selves to each and every event.
  7. A strong pair of pliers– The event industry has quite the love/hate relationship with cable ties. Whilst they have their uses, they can be quite devilish to undo. The Keito toolkit always has at least two pairs of strong pliers stashed away.
  8. Petty cash– You can plan and plan for days on end, but chances are, you’ll still have to dash to the shops mid-event for some unexpected supplies. String, extension chords, glue, air freshener, a pink feather boa? We always make sure we have some spare coins in pocket for these times.
  9. A change of clothes– This is especially important for all-day events that can start in the wee hours of the morning and continue long into the night. Having a jacket, hat, comfy pair of shoes and work jeans on hand means that you can do the hard work during bump in and bump out, without ending up looking sweaty and dishevelled.
  10. Sunscreen– A large number of events that Keito manages are outdoor events that occur over the summer. To ward off unwanted sunburns, we always protect our skin from the harsh Australian sun with SPF50+ sunscreen that is well suited to outdoor activities. Add a hat and sunglasses, and we are cool and ready to go.

Bonus item! Whilst not quite fitting in our toolkit, the Keito Team is always equipped with our smiles. Yes, yes it’s cheesy, but it’s no trouble when you’re doing what you love every day.

Did we miss anything? We’d love to chat! Get in touch at events@keito.com.au or call us on 0466 395 689.

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